2018 Q4 Chicago Advanced Energy: Mobility and Transportation

Discussion Leaders:

Sadzi Oliva, Commissioner, Illinois Commerce Commission

Maria Race, Director, Sustainability and Air Emission Strategy & Programs, United Airlines

David Chandler, Director, Economic Development, Center for Neighborhood Technology

Pete Ballard, Lead Financial Analyst, Chicago Transit Authority

Vig Krishnamurthy, Senior Manager of City Solutions, Ford Smart Mobility

What’s next:

Electricity costs, infrastructure, and sophisticated markets will play a critical role in shaping Chicago’s economy and position as a global smart city. Greater Chicagoland’s population is on track to grow 25% in the next 25 years. As electricity costs fluctuate due to supply conditions distribution costs rise to meet peak demand, large energy consumers will either be at the root of the problem or the forefront the solution. Chicago Advanced Energy represents a committed group of energy stakeholders optimistic for Chicago's future.