Cities are unique - just like our stakeholders. That's why it is important to us that our quarterly, city-specific, invite-only events bring together groups of individuals with diverse backgrounds from within the energy sector.

We are proud to say that our stakeholder members view the Advanced Energy Group as a “great gathering of individuals that does not occur anywhere else.” - Scott Pomeroy, Sustainable Strategies, Washington, D.C.


“At the breakfast, I enjoyed the opportunity to meet knowledgeable individuals that could provide different perspectives about energy issues, and hearing informative discussions from the speakers.” – Kate Buczek, Cook County

“This series [...] highlighted the fact that there is an interdependency between stakeholders as it relates to resiliency.” – Yolanda Lockett, Constellation

“Hospitals carry a tremendous need for reliability which directly affects their patient care and disease control. The expansion of microgrids is creating more areas susceptible to cyber attacks and risk.  There is more human interaction with technology more than ever before and regulations can't keep up with these rapid changes.” – Katie Bauer, S&C Electric

"This workshop brings the right people together to find a solution that benefits all constituents." - Justin Gutknecht, Exelon

New york City

The Advanced Energy Group provides "[a]n excellent chance for our firm to collaborate with other local entities to provide CHP and Co-gen consulting expertise.” - Judy Moskal, WSP

“A great group of individuals to network with as well as a robust discussion from top stakeholders.” - Steven Lichtin, Go Electric

"It's helpful to hear from the many sides of the issue - the policymakers and those who implement the policies, the owners, and the service providers who interact with both." - Andy Anderson, EnergyWatch

Washington, D.C.

“I love the chance to hear about actual pilots and projects, specifically within the DC region.  The chance to network is also great.” - Joshua Kolleda, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I like the small group forum and the variety of backgrounds and knowledge in the room.” - Matan Meitel, S&C Electric

The Advanced Energy Group “provides the platform needed to start key discussions.” - Rachel Healy, Director of Sustainability, WMATA

"I liked that it approached a topic from the point of view of several different types of stakeholders. And because it was local - the examples they provided had more impact since most of us live and work here." - Suzanna Sanborn, Deloitte