NYAE Q2 2019: Smart Buildings and Grid Modernization

What’s next:


In line with its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050, New York City's Roadmap is as ambitious and dynamic as the city itself. To achieve its goal, the Office of the Mayor is accelerating efforts to:

  • Make buildings significantly more energy efficient,

  • Replace many fossil fuel-based heating and hot water systems in buildings with renewable or high efficiency electric systems,

  • Transition towards a renewables-based electric grid,

  • Reduce the number of miles driven in New York City while replacing remaining vehicles to zero-emissions vehicles, and

  • Achieve the goal of Zero Waste to landfills.

In addition, the One New York: the Plan for A Strong and Just City (OneNYC) is a blueprint for inclusive climate action for all New Yorkers across four key visions: Growth, Equity, Sustainability, and Resiliency.


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