The U.S. energy industry is undergoing a revolution driven by increasing renewable and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) generation additions, greater desire for energy resiliency capabilities, and heightened awareness of GHG and pollutant emissions.  This presents a need for monumental changes to the energy landscape, including business models and regulatory frameworks.  Cities require special attention because they are the nexus of societal needs and opportunities. According to the World Health Organization, as of 2014, 54% of the world’s population resides in urban areas (up from 30% in 1930).

Advanced Energy Group convenes quarterly stakeholder meetings in key cities with focused leadership engagement from regulatory bodies, utilities, transmission operators, city, state and federal governments, large energy users and energy solution providers to architect a more affordable, cleaner, and reliable energy future, today. 

quarterly areas of Focus

  • Q1: Resiliency, Critical Infrastructure & Microgrids

  • Q2: Smart Buildings & Grid Modernization

  • Q3: Internet of Things, Technology & Innovation

  • Q4: mobilitY & Transportation

Celebrating women’s leadership in the transformation of Advanced Energy Group cities.

This video was produced in support of the 12/10/18 Women in Energy GTM San Francisco Reception and to celebrate our launch in San Francisco.