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11-30-16 Chicago Advanced Energy Hospital Roundtable

2017 Demand Response and Energy Strategies for Hospitals

Topics included:

  • Lighting and HVAC optimization opportunities

  • New regulatory requirements, and  best practices and economic value for enrolling back-up generators into Demand Response programs summer of 2017.

  • ComEd and PJM incentives, programs and new possible cost savings approaches

  • Evolving value proposition of battery and thermal storage for critical facilities.

  • Proposed COMED microgrid initiative at IMD

  • New USGBC PEER Rating System

Presentations and Resources:

H.G. Chissell, Executive Director of Chicago Advanced Energy

Kyle Hendricks, Energy and Sustainability Program Manager, CBRE

Dan Doyle, Chairman, Grumman Butkus

Fiona Martin, Energy Engineer, Grumman Butkus

Jim McDonald, Director of Environmental Impact, Power Secure

Rocco Venuto, Account Executive, C-Power

Kellen Bollettino, Account Executive Osram

John Kelly, US Green Building Certification Inc.