As part of Chicago Community Trust's annual On the Table Series., on 5/16, hosted by Holland & Knight, Chicago Advanced Energy (CAE) will facilitate a Microgrid Masterplanning Workshop for critical energy users.

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Special thanks to our sponsors, discussion leaders, and David Robbins to make this event possible.

    Discussion Leaders with optional reference material:

    Desired Outcome #1:  A Compelling Problem Statement

    Roundtable Exercise:

    • Identify the top 5 critical energy groups in Chicagoland.
    • Identify the top 3 critical energy drivers that justify grid hardening or a microgrid for these groups.
    • Summarize your Problem Statement to include:
      • worsening critical pain points with associated costs to identified essential users
      • most valuable benefits that can be realized within 3 years that justifies urgency
    • Identify 3 essential stakeholder groups necessary to achieve the most cost effective solution to this problem.  
      • State one key need for each stakeholder group to make this a win/win solution.

    Desired Outcome #2: 3 Year Roadmap

    Roundtable Exercise:

    • Identify the 3 most important achievable outcomes within 3 years to solve the problem.
    • Identify 3 critical milestones that must be achieved to realize these outcomes? By when?
    • Summarize your 3 year Roadmap with a name, 3 desired outcomes and 3 critical milestones.
    • Identify three essential next steps to move this dialogue forward

    Event Sponsors: