May 8-9, 2019 - San Francisco Advanced Energy

Q2 Smart Buildings & Grid Modernization

Breakfast presentations

  • Tyrone Jue, Senior Advisor on the Environment, Office of the Mayor, City and County of San Francisco

  • Paul Woolford AIA, Senior Vice President, Design Principal, HOK

  • Peter Klauer, Senior Advisor, Smart Grid Technology, California ISO

  • Dave Hulinsky, Director, Utility Telecom & Automation, Black & Veatch

  • Barbara Hale, Assistant General Manager, Power, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

5/8 Winning Dinner Problem Statement


Table 2: There aren’t enough incentives in San Francisco for residents and businesses to adopt technologies and create efficiencies to achieve 2050 climate goals: incentives.

Winning Problem Statement


Lack of shared smart building innovations (like renewable electricity generation, EV charging, battery storage, peak-shaving technologies) across City and customer properties. - Barbara Hale, Assistant General Manager, Power, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Winning 12-month action plan


Table 6: Q1: Identify optimal location(s) for beta demonstration project that integrates comprehensive DER technologies across public boundaries. Q2: Preliminary analysis. Q3: Identify cost estimate and financing options. Q4: Achieve demonstration site customer commitment to move forward. Sign up for Task Force here.

Task Force Leader:
Jonathon W. Stage, PE | Vice President, Willdan Group, Inc.
Cell: 415.609.9668 | Direct: 415.230.8422 |


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