CREF 2018: Island Resiliency Action Challenge


Intended outcomes:

  1. Collaboratively triage regional resiliency challenges

  2. Identify the most critical immediate action we must challenge ourselves to accomplish within 12 months.

  3. Leverage this action challenge into a collaborative, stakeholder engagement platform to assist other island communities and other extremely vulnerable cities


Winning Problem Statement:

The most urgent problem to collectively address regarding regional resiliency is:

Determining where to invest scarce human & capital resources while improving, reliability, effective emergency response and driving a new economy transition. 
- David Gumbs, CEO ANGLEC

Winning 12 month action:
Table 9: Deliver a Critical Infrastructure Safeguard Plan within 12 months.

  • Within 60 days: Commission a Feasibility Study to identify, prioritize critical safeguards.  

  • Within 90 days Commission a cost analysis of these priority safeguards and identify possible sources of funding.

>>Current Task Force Co-Leads:

***Runner up and contender for CREF2019 IRAC Impact Award:

Table 10: Launch the Caribbean Energy Resiliency Corps within 12 months

  • Within 60 days: Establish the CERC working group

  • Within 90 days: Finalize plan and agreements for CERC structure, approach, and funding.

>>Current Task Force Co-Leads:

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Speaker Presentations:

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