January 23 - 24 2019 Microgrid cost & Barriers Workshop


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Winning Problem Statement:

Table 6:

Failure to define, quantify and monetize benefits of microgrids to key stakeholders and fairly allocate these values, will slow microgrid deployment to strategically secure our power supply and result in economic and human suffering

Winning 24 Month Action Tables:

Table 6: 24 mos: customer screening tool to identify benefits for microgrids-turbotax format Survey state of the art/available info 6 months - establish working groups 12 mos: report out progress, ensure framework of inputs, outputs

  • Task Force Lead: Sam Booth, NREL -

  • Task Force Deputy Lead: David Robinson, Honeywell -

Table 7: Identify and quantity the broad societal benefits of microgrids to encourage the adoption of appropriate local, state, and federal incentives and mandates. 6: Prepare briefing. 12: Complete briefing of 15 PUCs. 24: Report to Congress

  • Task Force Lead: Steve Drouilhet, Sustainable Power Systems -

  • Task Force Deputy Lead: Gary Leatherman, Worley Parsons / Advisian -

Invitations to upcoming Q1 Advanced Energy Stakeholder Breakfasts on Resiliency, Critical Infrastructure & Microgrids

Please reach out to me if you are government and I can provide the no-cost government registration.

March 13 - 14th Chicago

$350 Discount for Microgrid 2019 in San Diego May 14 - 16th - ends Jan 29th

Case Studies:

NEW: Berkeley Energy Assurance Transformation (BEAT) Advancing Clean-Energy Microgrid Communities in an Urban Context

Phase I Microgrid Cost Study: Data Collection and Analysis of Microgrid Costs in the United States

MICROGRID PORTFOLIO STANDARD - A Proposed Approach to Enhanced Grid Investment

Interdependency of electricity and natural gas markets in the United States : a dynamic computational model