Our mission: Promise Delivery by 2050

Advanced Energy Group (AEG) is a quarterly stakeholder engagement platform supported by member organizations and leaders committed to delivering the pledged 2050 decarbonization goals of select cities.

AEG facilitates constructive collaboration to:

  • understand and prioritize critical problems blocking the clean energy transformation of AEG cities

  • develop 12 month solutions with quarterly milestones for accountability to best impact these problems

  • deliver prestigious breakthrough results via cross-sector teamwork and leadership

Our member organizations and leaders understand that by2050 decarbonization goals mean more than numbers and metric tonnes. Achieving by2050 decarbonization goals in cities means saving lives, avoiding economic hardship and physical suffering.

Delivering scalable, clean energy solutions while strengthening our resiliency to increasing harmful weather conditions that do not care about jurisdiction, politics, or the status quo, is the greatest leadership challenge of our time.


Advanced Energy Group is a stakeholder member-supported organization committed to developing energy solutions and policy recommendations in key cities.  Stakeholder sessions are by invitation only.  For interaction opportunities and details of our programming please visit:

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