Advanced Energy Group is a consortium of dedicated stakeholders committed to developing and delivering advanced energy solutions for key cities.

By enabling a collaborative, focused framework of dedicated leaders and experts, Advanced Energy Group drives needed change today.

Advanced Energy Group is a multi-city stakeholder platform that facilitates cross-sector engagement among its members and guests.  AEG's mission is to support the leadership of its members and diverse stakeholder engagement to expedite the needed energy transformation of our cities.   

AEG is a stakeholder member sponsored organization with chapters in Boston, Chicago, New York City and Washington D.C.  Members include utilities, city governments, state government agencies, hospitals, national labs, universities and more.  

I was interested by the topic of microgrids and appreciated the diversity of the speakers. I also appreciated the wide variety of guests who brought many different perspectives to the event. It was great for networking, bringing together engineering, regulatory, utility, developer, constructor, supplier, and customer perspectives. This type of collaboration will be necessary to build a successful business case for microgrids.
— Chicago Advanced Energy Stakeholder

I liked the way the subject matter was covered, with voices from the public sector, private sector, and the local utility. I liked how the focus went from the granular view all the way up to system-wide and civilization-wide.
— Chicago Advanced Energy Stakeholder

Advanced Energy Group is a stakeholder member-supported organization committed to developing energy solutions and policy recommendations in key cities.  Stakeholder sessions are by invitation only.  For interaction opportunities and details of our programming please visit:

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