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As part of the 100 Resilient Cities network, Washington D.C. is in the midst of preparing a comprehensive Resilience Strategy to increase resilience to shocks and stresses that the city faces. Resilient D.C. is led by a team within the Executive Office of the Mayor; they have taken an inclusive approach to the challenge, inviting communities and civil society to contribute ideas for growth and development which would serve as input for the final strategy. In addition, the Sustainable D.C. plan outlines measures that businesses, residents, and government can take to decrease climate-related risk. These are just some of the incredible initiatives that the WAE is involved with - focusing on getting stakeholders in the District of Colombia to think about sustainability in the long-term.


Advanced Energy Group is a stakeholder member-supported organization committed to developing and delivering advanced energy policies and solutions in key cities.  Stakeholder sessions are by invitation only.  For details of our programming please visit:

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