Kristen Brown, Principal Business Technology Specialist, Utility of the Future, ComEd

On May 31, 2018, Chicago Advanced Energy held its stakeholder breakfast at Holland & Knight. The event brought AEG’s stakeholder members together to discuss the topics of Smart Buildings and Grid Modernization.

This installment of the AEG podcast features Kristen Brown, Principal Business Technology Specialist of ComEd’s Utility of the Future team. She discusses how buildings can be used to increase the resiliency, reliability and safety on the distribution side of electric grid services by allowing real-time grid control through the inclusion of ancillary services like frequency regulation and distribution voltage optimization. Ms. Brown cautions that the different regulatory jurisdiction and technical requirements that exist within the grid, in addition to the varying market designs, make this task challenging. She also covers other challenges to be examined, including the cost trade-offs to utilities in building distributed assets versus bulk generation; the types of buildings and customers that can be targeted; appropriate technologies; and the significance of incentivizing upgrades and the range of services buildings can provide. Ms. Brown concludes up by commenting on a two-year study by Southern Company that seeks to test the role of homes and the microgrids to provide grid services, as an example of occupant and grid value.

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