AEG Podcast: Brad Swing, Director of Energy Policy & Programs, City of Boston, Office of the Mayor – 9.7.17

In this special episode of the AEG podcast, Peter Kelley-Detwiler, Executive Director for Boston Advanced Energy, has an in-depth conversation with Brad Swing, Director of Energy Policy and Programs, City of Boston, Office of the Mayor, Environment, Energy & Open Space. Throughout this episode, the two discuss the main energy goals for the city of Boston, what the vision is for the city five years from now, and Brad shares an overview of Boston's energy fabric today.

One particular focus of the discussion is on the types of transformations that are needed to achieve those goals and the types of conversations and partnerships that will be required, moving forward.  Brad specifically pointed out that he sees the "Advanced Energy Group as a continuation of the kind of stakeholder engagement we've needed to be able to educate ourselves and to explore feasible next steps on these broad consequential and frankly rather daunting initiatives."

Peter, Brad, and many others are getting geared up for the inaugural Boston Advanced Energy Stakeholder Breakfast on Thursday September 14, in anticipation of this event brad shared: "I'm hoping the Advanced Energy Group will serve as something of an opportunity for me to check in monthly with something of a think tank that can help me stay on track with this agenda."

We hope you enjoy the show and thank you for listening!


-The Advanced Energy Group

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*The AEG Podcast is produced by Tanner Kenney, Fellow