AEG Podcast: Mark Simon, Director of Alternate Fuel Programs, New York City D.o.T. - 6.20.17

From June 19th to the 23rd of 2017, Advanced Energy Group Founder & CEO H.G. Chissell led the New York Energy System Transformation Delegation trip to Berlin to study the German Energiewende. In this episode of the AEG Podcast, Mr. Chissell discusses the nation’s energy transformation through the lens of mobility with Mark Simon, Director of Alternate Fuel Programs for the New York City Department of Transportation.

Throughout their conversation, Mr. Simon outlines the transformation of traditional energy grids and markets, the challenges posed New York City’s low-carbon mass transportation system, the economics of ConEd demand charges, and beyond.

We hope you enjoy the show and thank you for listening!


*The AEG Podcast is produced by Tanner Kenney, Fellow