AEG Podcast: Jim Gallagher, Director, New York State Smart Grid Consortium - June 2017

From June 19th to June 23rd of 2017, New York Advanced Energy took part in the New York Energy Delegation trip to Berlin for an in-depth study of German renewable energy technologies, their integration into the grid, and the impact this process has had on ratepayers and the environment. The delegation took park in numerous educational and professional development activities, including a trip to the wholly sustainable village of Feldheim.

During the trip, Advanced Energy Group Founder & CEO H.G. Chissell spoke with Jim Gallagher, Director of the New York State Smart Grid Consortium, to discuss a number of key issues such as the grid integration of renewable energy, smart grid technologies, the challenges posed by implementing microgrids in a competitive marketplace, and beyond.

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-The Advanced Energy Group

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*The AEG Podcast is produced by Tanner Kenney, Fellow