*AEG Stakeholder dinner for discussion leaders is always the night before. Dates subject to change.

Q4 - Mobility and Transportation

Nov 7th - Chicago
Nov 14th - Washington DC
Nov 21st - Boston
Dec 5th - San Francisco
Dec 12th - NYC

Q3 - Smart Cities: IoT, Tech & Innovation

Sept 5th - NYC
Sept 12th - Washington DC
Sept 18th - Boston
Oct 3rd - Chicago
Oct 24th - San Francisco

Discussion Leader Invitation

AEG speakers are Discussion Leaders who compete to articulate the most pressing issue per the quarterly topic that requires collaboration and a 12 month accomplishment to stay on track for successfully delivery of by2050 targets. Discussion Leaders get 8 minutes and 5 slides to present their problem statement. The winning problem statement becomes the centerpiece of a roundtable challenge for participating stakeholders to develop and pitch 12 month solutions.

Here is the private link to the resource page from the 19Q2 New York Advanced Energy Stakeholder Challenge on Buildings and Grid Modernization which contains Discussion Leader presentations, winning problem statement and winning 12 month solution.