2019 UPcoming AEG Dates*

*AEG Stakeholder dinner is always the night before. Dates subject to change.

Q4 - Mobility and Transportation

Nov 7th - Chicago
Nov 14th - Washington DC
Nov 21st - Boston
Dec 5th - San Francisco
Dec 12th - NYC

Q3 - Smart Cities: IoT, Tech & Innovation

Sept 5th - NYC
Sept 12th - Washington DC
Sept 18th - Boston
Oct 3rd - Chicago
Oct 24th - San Francisco

Discussion Leader Nomination

AEG Speakers are Discussion Leaders who compete to articulate the most pressing issue per the quarterly topic that requires collaboration and a 12 month accomplishment to stay on track for successfully delivery of by2050 targets. Discussion Leaders get 8 minutes and 5 slides to present their problem statement. The winner is chosen by stakeholder vote.