Overview of Boston's Energy Goals, Strategies, Stakeholders, and Incentives

Comprehensive Energy Strategy

     Boston is a member of C40, demonstrating a commitment to combat climate change and reduce its GHG emissions. Boston’s energy strategy is known as the Climate Action Plan, which aims to reduce GHG emissions 25% by 2020, 50% by 2030, and Carbon Free by 2050, also known as the 80x50 target.

      Greenovate Boston is the entity carrying out the action plan. Updates on Boston's climate action can be found with City of Boston’s partner, the Green Ribbon Commission.

     In addition, Boston has assessed the risk climate change poses to the city and has developed a climate resiliency plan known as Climate Ready Boston. Boston is also a member of 100 Resilient Cities, and has voluntary resilience standards.

Key Stakeholders

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy

Boston Green Ribbon Commission

City of Boston Environment Department

National Grid

Eversource Energy

New England ISO 

Incentive Programs

Solarize Mass

Net Metering

Masssave (Energy Efficiency)

ISO NE Demand Resources (Demand Response)

Renew Boston (Energy Efficiency)

Local Wind Power

EV Boston