Sarah Chamberlain, Energy Foundry

Working at the intersection of energy technology and entrepreneurship to transform innovation into successful business


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David Chiesa, S&C Electric

Senior Director - Global Business Development; With over 16 years of experience in the direction and management of sales teams across the United States, David is focused on improving grid reliability and expanding microgrid deployment. 




Kim McGrath, Maxwell Technologies

Business Development Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Grid Energy Storage. Over 15 years of experience in the development and commercialization of energy storage solutions for electricity grid, industrial, and transportation applications, with specific expertise in building corporate strategic initiatives and business lines to profitably grow in emerging markets.


Tim Condon, Verde Advisors

Driving the innovation and execution of bold global initiatives.
* Breaking the most complex infrastructure challenges down to solvable problems
* Finding new ways to drive the simplest forms productivity to the hardest to reach
* Understanding the true value of energy and connectivity to all members of a value chain



Jennifer Kearney, Gotham 360

Executive Partner and Founder of Gotham 360 LLC, a full-service energy consulting company. A unique ability to blend strong financial, engineering and business competencies with customer needs. Over 17 years of business experience, with a focus on energy supply, energy conservation, distributed generation and financial incentives.