Boston Advanced Energy Launches September 14, 2017 with Peter Kelly-Detwiler as Executive Director

Peter Kelly-Detwiler.png

Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Executive Director of Boston Advanced Energy and Principal of NorthBridge Energy Partners has more than 25 years of experience in the area of electric energy, retail power, energy efficiency, and distributed energy assets. A former SVP of Constellation Energy’s Demand Response business unit, Mr. Kelly-Detwiler offers expertise to clients in the areas of new technologies and the integration and interaction of on-site distributed assets with electricity markets. He advises a wide range of clients, including investment firms, energy companies, demand response providers, software developers, data centers, and various energy start-ups.

9.14.17 BAE Stakeholder Breakfast: Internet of Things, Technology and Innovation

Discussion leaders:

Mark Kalpin, Energy and Natural Resource Partner, Holland & Knight

Brad Swing, Director Energy Policy and Programs, Boston Mayor's Office of Environment, Energy and Open Space

Erik Limpaecher, Assistant Leader Energy Systems Group, MIT Lincoln Labs

Peter Klint, Program Manager - Emerging Technology, Eversource Energy

Colette Lamontagne, Director of Technology and Innovation, National Grid

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